If you’ve left booking your favourite class too late, you’ll notice that the class number might have “waitlist” or “full” next to it. Jumping on a waitlist might seem confusing, so we’re going to take some time out today to declutter the system and ensure that you’re all over how the waitlist system works so that you don’t miss out again!

Q: How do I know if i’m on the waitlist or a class?

you’ve successfully registered into your class, you’ll notice a “TICK” symbol where the class numbers usually are. If you’re on a waitlist, you’ll notice a square box with a number indicating what number on the waitlist you are.

Looking at the image to your right (desktop) or below (mobile), you’ll notice the Monday 7.30pm class is booked as the 4th on the waitlist, and the Tuesday 10am class is a successful enrollment.

Q: How do I know if i’ve come off the waitlist and into a class?

The easiest way to ensure you’re notified when you come off the waitlist and onto the class is to enable both email and SMS notifications. By doing this, you will recieve either a text or email confirming that you still want to join that class, and if you do, a simple response ensures you’re then booked into the class. Please see the step-by-step guide below on how to enable notifications on your Evolve account:

Step 1: Click on “More” in the bottom right corner of the Evolve App.

Step 2: Click on “Settings”

Step 3: Ensure “Send me mobile or email notifications” is enabled


Q: What is the difference between “Waitlist” and “Full”?

Waitlist means the intial class allocation is full, but there is room on the waitlist for you to join (which is capped at 4 spots above capacity).

Full means that both the class allocation AND the waitlist allocation is full. You cannot join the waitlist if the full waitlist capacity of 4 spots is full. You can always check back at a later date and join the waitlist if someone from the class cancels, which will then open up a space on the waitlist.

Q: How do I join a waitlist and/or remove myself from a waitlist?

Very simple! Exactly the same way as you would book a normal class. The only difference is that leaving the waitlist will not incur a late cancel fee (members) or cause you to lose your session credit (non-members)!

Remember, even if you’re on a waitlist, if you have text message notifications enabled you will be able to reject the booking if someone removes themselves so that you are not automatically added!


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