Evolve Legends Club: Celebrating Your Fitness Journey


Evolve Legends Club, our inaugural loyalty program designed to honour and reward our most devoted clients. This program is more than just a membership; it’s a celebration of your to health and wellbeing.

Do classes, get fitness and health benefits and earn rewards – it really is that simple!

How it works

The Evolve Legends Club is structured into four distinct tiers, each tier is a milestone in your fitness journey, representing the number of classes you’ve attended. As you progress through these tiers, you’ll receive exclusive rewards, including a special milestone towel and a lifetime discount code for our classes.

The more classes you do, the higher your tier will be and the bigger your discount!

The Tiers

Bronze Tier

100 Classes

Receive a 100 Club towel
and a 5% lifetime discount!*

Silver Tier

250 Classes

Receive a 250 Club towel
and a 10% lifetime discount!*

Gold Tier

500 Classes

Receive a 500 Club towel
and a 15% lifetime discount!*

Platinum Tier

1000 Classes

Receive a 1000 Club towel
and a 20% lifetime discount!*

Platinum members will also have their achievement on show for all to see on our Wall Of Legends – 1000 Club

(coming soon!)

So… What now?

What about existing members?

I know what you’re thinking – but i’ve already done some classes, will they count towards my class total?

ABSOLUTELY! We believe in honouring your past efforts, which is why we are rewarding everyone retroactively for all the classes they have completed!

 We will be setting up everyone’s discount codes and informing eligible members via email.

What About the Old Class Milestones on the App?

The Evolves Legend Club is essentially a re-imagining of the rewards system we originally had set up, with far bigger and greater rewards on offer.

Some of these tiers will replace the older milestone prizes, but there will also be some additional, smaller carrots being dangled along the way in addition to our tiered rewards.

Stay tuned!

*Obviously, we’d be as mad as a cut snake if we didn’t specify that by offering lifetime discounts, there will be associated terms and conditions. We will continue to work on these in the background, and these will be available on the website once completed.